“Just Can’t Cut It”

My friend and longarm quilting customer, Linda, sent me a gorgeous quilt top to quilt. It’s a gift for her mother. The fabric of saturated purple and blue and green is simply stunning! I can see why Linda didn’t want to cut it up into small patchwork pieces.


The fabric line is Moda’s “Terrain” designed by Kate SpainClick here to view swatches of the complete line of fabric.

The color tones of the fabrics are so similar in value, I could have quilted a simple design like “meandering” to merely add texture to the quilt. But the quilt is a special gift and the fabric is so awesome, I decided a fancier quilting treatment was warranted. I quilted loops and double loops in the border. I quilted large, bodacious flowers surrounded by leaves in the large squares, smaller flowers in the smaller squares, and a curvy fern frond that stretches across the three retangles.


Linda, your mother is going to love this quilt!

To order a “Just Can’t Cut It” pattern designed by All Washed Up Quilts and distributed by Missouri Star Quilt Company, click here.

7 thoughts on ““Just Can’t Cut It”

  1. This is beautiful! Do you know if she modified the placement of the blocks or perhaps cut them bigger? It looks so much nicer than the one on the pattern cover

  2. Hi This is All Washed Up…pattern designer of Just Can’t Cut It. Just want you to know that the best way for you to receive a pattern is to text (707) 496-5741 or send email to allwashedupquilts@gmail.com because Missouri
    star Quilts is no longer carrying our pattern…and, yes, we are still in business with this very popular pattern that is also still available in hundreds of local quilt shops.

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