“Carolina Dogwoods,” a Finished U.F.O.!

DSCN7480For the Tarheel Quilters Guild U.F.O. challenge, I committed to finishing five projects this year. Pictured here is my fifth, “Carolina Dogwoods.” Begun in a workshop taught by Annette Ornales, the quilt top has languished for almost two years in a project box. Click here to read about the beginning of this project.

What hampered my motivaiton to complete such a beautiful wall quilt? Well, I knew that I needed a block of time for custom quilting, so other projects in my sewing room gently piled on top of it and all around it. In short, it was on the back burner and totally buried by other quilts with deadlines. My guild’s U.F.O. competition/commitment “forced” me to resurrect “Carolina Dogwoods,” and I finally dedicated some time between other projects and customer quilts to finish it.

Quilted veins add dimension to the blossoms and leaves. And the deep purple background is filled with gentle “S” curves. This took several hours and lots of concentration!


I’m so happy “Carolina Dogwoods” is finished. I’ll enjoy hanging it in our home, especially in the springtime.

Are you working on finishing a U.F.O. this summer?

6 thoughts on ““Carolina Dogwoods,” a Finished U.F.O.!

  1. My whole year has been about UFO’s. Unfortunately, bee blocks and other commitments have gotten in the way over the summer, but I hope to get back to finishing things in the fall!

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