Aided and Abetted

5 08 2015

During the month of July, on Tuesdays, I taught a quilt design class for children. They each designed a placemat AND they helped design three baby quilts. Prior to teaching the class, my stated goal was one baby quilt, but their design excitement exceeded my expectations.


Random Squares, Chinese Coins, Simple Pinwheel

 Some specifics on each of the quilts pictured above:

Random Squares is made with 80  5″ squares. Some were from charm packs, and some were from my bin of scrap 5″ squares. We planned to donate the quilt to the NICU, but then I noticed that some of the fabric contained metallic embellishment. Metallics attract and retain heat and might burn a baby’s tender skin. So perhaps the Ft. Bragg Fisher House can use this “I Spy” quilt since the NICU cannot.

Chinese Coins is made with 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ bricks from by scrap brick bin. There are four columns with 15 bricks each. One yard of green tonal fabric was enough for sashing and borders. The quilt measures 37″ x 40.” Again I noticed that the children favored sparkly fabric, so we’ll have to find an alternate charity for donation.

A link to Simple Pinwheel’s instructions is found on the Patterns page of this blog. This baby size quilt is fat quarter friendly; you can make 4 Pinwheels from a fat quarter and use the remainder for binding strips. All strips are cut 2 1/2″ wide. You will need a yard of light background fabric and a half a yard print for the outer border. When making a Pinwheel quilt, I generally mix the prints throughout the quilt as shown in the photo below.


But I noticed that the children made rows of all one color/fabric.

PWOC Baby quilt

Hmmm, if kids find this arrangement attractive, why not make our quilt with rows of the same color of Pinwheel?! I think the finished quilt is super eye-catching thanks to the junior quilt designers, Oh, yes, I was aided and abetted in making baby quilts for charity this summer!




2 responses

5 08 2015
Mary Ed Williams

What a great group and their quilts are wonderful! Way to go, kids and teacher!

5 08 2015
Jen Johnston

The quilts look great!

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