“Twin Sister Pinwheels”

My friend Lori forwarded me a Pin she found on Pinterest for Twin Sister Pinwheels. Since I love quick and easy methods for more complicated looking designs, I decided to try it. You can see the tutorial that inspired me here on vroomansquilts.blogspot.com. The tutorial uses 2 1/2″ wide strips, but mathematically the width of my fabric accomodated 3″ wide strips. I’m using some of the fabric I purchased at Tomorrow’s Quilts in Waco, TX.


I sewed white strips to print strips and pressed the seam allowances toward the darker print. I cross-cut the strips in 5 1/2″ increments and cut the resulting squares in half diagonally. I made sure that the print fabric strip was always at the bottom and I cut at the same descending 45 degree angle for all the squares.


Next is the fun part – twisting and turning 4 triangles in the same light/dark configuration to make a Pinwheel. For each set of four squares, you’ll make 2 “Twin Sister Pinwheels,” one lighter and one darker. One white fat quarter paired with one print fat quarter yields 12 Pinwheels that measure between 7″ and 7 1/8″ unfinished. I’ll trim all the blocks to 7″ prior to sewing sashing between them.

As an aside, if you use 8 triangles per block, you can construct the following blocks.


I’ll keep you posted on the progress of my “Twin Sisters Pinwheels” baby quilt.

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