Road Trip “Tumbler” Project

Hubby and I are taking a road trip to Texas (to see Trinity and three grandchildren) which is hours and hours from North Carolina. I can’t imagine riding all that time without a quilting project. However, I currently don’t have any quilts that need hand binding, and I’m not into English Paper Piecing (i.e. hexagons) at the moment. What to do?


My friend Stacy suggested a hand piecing project. Hmmmm. Well, I am working on a “Tumblers” quilt, perhaps I could switch from using them as leaders and enders when machine piecing and hand piece some of the units instead. Have you noticed the “Tumblers” button on the side bar of my blog? Click on the icon to link with Bonnie Hunter’s blog (at; find out about the “Tumblers” Leaders/Enders challenge she issued this summer.

My box of tumbler shapes, cut with my friend Karlene’s AccuQuilt Go! cutter, was really messy, a jumble of tumblers! I decided to sort the shapes and place each color in a reclosable plastic bag. I put all the small bags into a large reclosable bag which fit in my fabric tote along with my scissors, needles and thread.


Now I am sew ready to rumble, er, tumble on our road trip.


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