“Disappearing Half Square Triangle” Finished!

5 09 2015

Have you viewed some of the Missouri Star Quilt Company videos on You Tube? What great how-to instructions, free for the watching! I am especially intrigued by  the “Disappearing . . .” designs Jenny Doan and her staff have collected, sewn and filmed. You can find Disappearing Four Patch, Nine Patch, Window Pane Nine Patch, Pinwheel, and Hourglass.

To jump on the Disappearing band wagon, I experimented with a “Disappearing Half Square Triangle” idea. You can find a link to printer friendly instructions on the Patterns page of this blog.

2015 photos from nikon 529To make 2 blocks, you’ll need 10″ squares, 1 white and 1 dark print.

Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the white square. Layer the 2 squares, right sides together and sew 1/4″ away from both sides of the drawn line. Cut apart on the line and press seam allowances toward the print fabric. Important:  Trim the resulting Half Square Triangle (HST) to 9 1/2″ square.

Measure and rotary cut 2″ in from all 4 sides of the square. Then swap the white and print triangles.

    2015 photos from nikon 531     2015 photos from nikon 532

Sew the block together like a Nine Patch with 3 rows of three units each. The block measures 8 1/2,” unfinished.

I experimented with several layout ideas before sewing the blocks together in rows. Which is your favorite? I think, for the fabrics I chose, the second layout is more interesting.

        Disappearing HST layout 1        Disappearing HST layout 2

For the quilting design, I borrowed a motif from the tractor tires and the bulldozer tracks in the outer border print. As the picture below shows, I quilted pairs of gently curving lines across the width of the quilt. Then I quilted crenellations, some slanted and some straight, of various heights and widths.

Quilting Tracks

This quilt will help a little guy learn about color, about earth moving machines, and perhaps he’ll roll his Matchbox cars along the quilted tracks!

2015 photos from nikon 546

Be sure to check out “Disappearing Half Square Triangle” on the Patterns page. On page 2 of the instructions, you’ll see a diagram of another colorway for the quilt.




9 responses

5 09 2015

So clever!

5 09 2015

Great quilt and tutorial Aby. I like the second layout too

5 09 2015

I love it. You should publish this one or go make a video with Jenny Doan!

5 09 2015

Love this! I love making blocks and cutting them up to create something new! The craziest one was with a pinwheel – started out with a 15″ pinwheel and ended up with a block that was 9 or 9.5″. I called it Fractured Pinwheel. I have never tried the great one you came up with – definitely going to give it a go!!

6 09 2015

That’s cool!

8 09 2015
Jennifer Johnston

You amaze me Aby! Wow….totally impressed!!! As I’m looking at your layouts on the computer screen, 3 patterns pop out at me! So cool!
I love to watch the Missouri Star Quilters videos too!!

28 05 2018
June Bielli

So clever! I love it! It would be great to do a Missouri Star video on this design.

30 05 2018
Tina Ashton

Wow can’t wait to try this. Thank you

30 05 2018
June @ QuiltQuest

Very nice results!

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