Kalea’s Quilt Finished!

8 09 2015

August was a busy month in my sewing room! On several days two machines were humming while sisters Keona and Kalea constructed original quilt tops, and I was the main rotary cutter, pinner, presser, and cheerleader. I blogged about Keona’s quilt here on Sept. 2. Today I’m happy to show  Kalea’s finished quilt. As she transferred her design idea from paper to fabric, we talked about the fact that it’s okay to modify your original design as you construct the quilt.

2015 photos from nikon 449

The original idea was to sew borders of all the colors, twice, around the central purple square. The modifications included beginning with a blue, modern floral print in the center and substituting a red and pink floral border for solid red. Because the border strips were cut 4″ wide, the quilt would have been super large if we added all the planned borders. So we again modified the plan by decreasing the number of borders. Kalea requested swirly quilting. If you click on the photo below and zoom in, you can see that I quilted spirals surrounded by curvy spikes. I used a variegated thread of primary colors. Even with the modifications, Kalea is rightfully proud of her wonderfully vibrant quilt!

2015 photos from nikon 536

P.S. I never would have thought of including the blue floral and the red/pink floral in the same quilt. But, you know, they look great! The style is similar even though they are from different fabric lines and color families. This old quilter is learning from the young one.





5 responses

8 09 2015
Jennifer Johnston

I enjoy seeing the differences/similarities in the drawing verses the actual quilt. She did great!

8 09 2015

It’s beautiful! I love the vibrant colors.

8 09 2015
Pam Bonstead

That is a very striking quilt. I love all the colors, the design, the florals and the wonderful quilting. This one makes my heart sing!

9 09 2015

That’s such a beautiful quilt! We can all learn some design lessons, I think!

13 01 2016
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