“Twin Sisters Pinwheels” Finished!

10 09 2015

This coming Monday evening, September 14, I will present my “Cutting Up” lecture to the Devine Quilters in Columbia, SC. If you live nearby, join us at Shandon Presbyterian Church at 7 p.m.

As an addition to my presentation, I made a “Twin Sisters Pinwheels” quilt. You can read about my fabric purchase here and the beginning of the project here.

2015 photos from nikon 550

As I made the Pinwheels, I realized that I really liked the blocks that were mostly dark. The figure-ground reversal of mosly white Pinwheels, not so much. But I couldn’t just throw the light twin blocks away! My first idea to remedy the situation was to use a bright, bold sashing. I found an orange-on-orange plaid at The Sew and Quilt Store in Killeen, TX.

The orange sashing helped, but the white Pinwheels still looked very white. I decided to use variegated thread and quilt spikey spirals in all the blocks. Happily, the quilting adds color and movement!

Pinwheel spiral quilting

This was a fun quilt to make by a very quick method. Let me know if you try it!





2 responses

10 09 2015
Jennifer Johnston

This is awesome Aby! Love the color combinations!! And the spikey spirals!!!

10 09 2015
Pam Bonstead

Wonderful, cheerful quilt. Love your choice of setting to photograph it, too, Aby!

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