Fabric Shopping in Paducah, KY

DSCN7664After our inspiring tour of The National Quilt Museum last Tuesday, Kathy drove Marie, Alicia and me to Eleanor Burns’ Quilt in a Day shop. You would think we would have had enough of viewing quilts and fabrics for one day, but nooooo, we needed some retail therapy to help us process all we’d seen in the museum.

Eleanor’s shop has patterns, rulers, fabric, and quilters’ goodies for sale, and many samples of her quilt designs hang high on the walls. Incidentally, the Quilt in a Day 2015 Row by Row design featured penguins on skis! By wandering through the “sale” area, I found several prints to add to my stash, and I picked up a ruler for making the diamond design on the folded quilt pictured below.


DSCN7666Next stop, Hancocks of Paducah. They’ve mailed me full-color, glossy catalogs of premium quilting fabric for years, so it was exciting to actually visit the store. Click here to see photos of the store interior and here for the home page. The bolts of fabric are organized by manufacturer and collection. While we shopped, we noticed employees scurrying about with shopping carts, collecting the bolts needed to fill customer mail orders. I found several batiks I need for current projects, a stack of Civil War shirtings I need for future projects, and an impulse purchase of two Charm Packs and a Jelly Roll. We also stepped into the warehouse portion of the store where pre-cuts are shelved and labeled for easy order-filling. Hancocks’ 2015 Row by Row design was four umbrellas on a rain-drenched background.

On one hand, I wish I lived in Paducah right next to the fabric shop with all that textile inspiration at my fingertips; on the other hand, living there would severely jeopardize the family budget!

One thought on “Fabric Shopping in Paducah, KY

  1. Oh, yes, those warehouse-style places are totally dangerous to the budget!!! If you ever get to St. George, Utah, you NEED to go to Superior Threads…while fabrics and threads look great in catalogs or online, seeing them in person just takes everything to a whole new level!!! Sounds like you have been having fun 🙂

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