“Allietare!” Mystery Quilt

29 11 2015

Have you noticed the “Allietare!” icon near the bottom of the right sidebar? Click the picture to link to Bonnie Hunter’s blog to find clue releases (quiltville.blogspot.com). Bonnie continues her tradition of publishing clues to a mystery quilt, one each Friday, between Thanksgiving weekend and New Year’s weekend.


Most years I look at my calendar for the holidays and sigh, “I just don’t have the time to commit to the mystery quilt this year.” However, on the years that I have eked out sewing time anyway, I’ve been so glad I did. Bonnie’s mystery quilts are stunning! Carving out a couple of hours to work on each clue is a gift I give to myself during the busy holiday season.

How about you? Are you following the “Allietare” clues this year?




4 responses

29 11 2015
Jennifer Johnston

Nope! 🙂 I will enjoy seeing yours if you are joining in this year!

30 11 2015
Marie Krause

I am following it and collecting the steps but want to finish more UFOs before I do another major project. I also do not have the colors for this one and am not so good to replace the colors she chose. Are you following her colors or doing your own?

2 12 2015
Brenda E.

I am going to try to keep up-last year did a few of each step and finally finished the top and backing last month. I did change the black to navy and have darker reds. My gray are some batiks from Hoffman and the grays from Snowman Gatherings II by Lisa B. for Moda. Will fun to see how this turns out!

9 12 2015

I have been so busy the last 2 weeks that I totally missed the “blog button” for the BH Allietare. I am going back through her blog and getting the details so I can add it to my page too. I switched my colors a bit too. I did last years “exactly” as her suggestions but changed the setting a bit as it made me dizzy. This year, I am using a wonderful brown with black print instead of black. I switched out the gray and am using a green. I had found a fabric at Hancock Fabrics that was gold with WINE labels, and it needed that brown. Fingers crossed it all works nicely. Trying to keep up.

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