Marie’s Mug Mats

Do you need last minute, fun-to-make, inexpensive quilted gifts? After reading my Mug Rug post on November 25, Marie decided to make some for the ladies in her neighborhood who gather for dinner each month.

FullSizeRender (1)

She found a cute paper-pieced tree pattern, “Tannenbaum Mug Rug,” on Bonnie Hunter’s website ( under the Free Patterns! tab. Marie’s explanation:  I used all my scrap greens and white/off-whites for the trees and background, and I used bits and pieces of Christmas fabrics for the borders, backs and bindings. I used odd scraps of batting, some of which were pieced. Each mug mat took about two hours to make. I think they turned out nicely and my guests will be surprised to take one home with them.

Thanks for sharing a picture and the source for a great idea with us, Marie. (Bonnie would be proud of you!)

8 thoughts on “Marie’s Mug Mats

  1. Very cute!!!
    An amazing side benefit from this photo is a mini color lesson. Seeing so many of the same quilts together I realized how I was seeing the different color combinations and movement. Great exercise for learning about color.

  2. What a great idea. I think I missed your original post, but now I have to go “look again”. What a great way to use up some of those scraps that are overflowing in my baskets. Thanks for reminding me about Bonnie’s free pattern. I am a big follower, and I should set aside the “scraps” from my Mystery quilt, and make some of these with those colors. Marie did a lovely job.

  3. My guests were delighted with their mug rugs. They each picked one to use for the evening and we’re thrilled to take it home with them. They were fun to make and fun to give.

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