“Unlimited Possibilities” Tote Bags

Bibby Moore's totes 3

Today I am sharing pictures from Bibby, a blog follower. Earlier this fall, she decided to make tote bags for her friends for Christmas. As a guide, she used my “Unlimited Possibilities” tote bag instructions on the Patterns page of this blog. Bibby called her sewing project “Tote Olympics,” because she made 14 bags!

Bibby Moore's totes 2She happened upon a sale at Joann’s fabrics on seasonal Halloween and Christmas fabrics; fabric for each bag cost only $2.50. “I was lazy and decided to add the woven nylon straps without covering them with fabric as the instructions suggest. However, the strapping was almost $2.99 a foot! Since each bag required 3 feet, the nylon strapping turned out to be the most expensive part. I have since found strapping at the ‘Scrap Exchange’ in Durham and will use that in the future. This is a great project for people just learning to do free-motion quilting as it goes quickly, you can practice all kinds of ‘squiggles,’ and it does not have to be perfect.”

Bibby, I award you the Gold Medal in the “Tote Olympics!” Your friends are going to love their handmade tote bags!


8 thoughts on ““Unlimited Possibilities” Tote Bags

  1. Well, these are just wonderful! Congratulations to Bibby – I’m always impressed with anyone who finishes a big project.

    • Hi Karen: this is Bibby, and yes, the handles are sewn in the wrong way. I think this was the 2nd bag I did and I had not memorized the steps yet. I corrected the straps before giving it away. Thanks for noticing.

    • See Bibby’s comment about the bag. And I have one suggestion of how to use a bag with the handles put on “incorrectly.” This makes a simple backpack. How many times have you been aggravated by a shopping tote that kept slipping off your shoulder?

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