Is It Spring Yet?

30 12 2015

Well, Christmas is over, and next comes Spring, right? Sometimes I think Winter should end right after Christmas; I am entirely willing to wish away all the cold, ice, and snow so prevalent in North Carolina during January and February.

My sewing room is one place that I can trade Christmas for Spring no matter the weather outside. This small quilt, table topper size, looks so Spring-y; the true blue and yellow colors radiate sunshine and blue skies.


Notice that there are two blue prints for star points in two of the blocks and two yellow prints for star points in the other two blocks. This was a mistake in the first block I assembled, but a happy mistake, so I opted to assemble all the blocks this way rather than rip out my mistake.

Click on the picture above to zoom in to see Morning Glory print border. This is one of the two prints I drew from a brown bag last February at a gathering of quilting friends. The other print, pictured below, contains muted colors and is reminiscent of an 1800’s chintz print.


The brown bag challenge was to use both prints, randomly drawn, in the same quilt. I thought about adding a very narrow accent border of the muted fabric to the Morning Glory Star quilt, but I just couldn’t. The print is too large with various colors, and the shaded tones will not look right with the clear blue and yellow. The only way to use these two fabrics in the same quilt successfully is to make a very scrappy quilt which contains true and muted colors. If you look very carefully, you might find both fabrics in the Nine Patch border of my “Crabapples” quilt. (Read more about this project, designed by Bonnie Hunter, here.)


So, technically, I have fulfilled the challenge requirements, but I want to make a table topper size quilt with the 1800’s reproduction fabric as well. Wish me studio time and ingenuity!




4 responses

30 12 2015
Pam Bonstead

I’ve always loved the combination of blue and yellow. So pretty, Aby!

30 12 2015
Jennifer Johnston

The blue yellow combination is one of my favorites for quilting. I used it in my very first quilt, a baby size quilt for my niece!

30 12 2015
Patti Hyder

Aghgh, I still need to do my “brown bag challenge”! :/

11 01 2016
Brown Bag Challenge, Finished! | abyquilts

[…] My blog post on 30 December showed a yellow and blue quilt bordered with the Morning Glory fabric that I drew from a brown bag last February. If you recall, I was challenged to use it in a quilt along with this muted 1800’s repro print. But I just couldn’t muddy the sunshine of the blue and yellow quilt! I didn’t want to spend my time making a quilt I would not be pleased with just to fulfill the challenge. […]

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