Leftover Dinosaurs

18 01 2016

Have you ever rummaged in your stash of juvenile prints and found bits and pieces of previously made quilts? Have you thought, “I could make a quilt with these fabrics”? That’s what happened recently in my sewing room! A year and a half ago, I made a dinosaur quilt for my daughter-in-law’s nephew. (Click here to read about the quilt.) Of course there were leftovers, but not quite enough to make a baby quilt.


Deciding to make a “Steppin’ Up” quilt, I needed 4″ strips of 10 different fabrics. I added some leftovers from a quilt my daughter, Trinity, made for her grand nephew, and I added some gray and white from stash.


You can find a link to the “Steppin’ Up” instructions of the Patterns page of this blog.

You can tell from the picture that I was a little short on some of the leftover fabrics.


Fortunately, I had other coordinating scraps that I could cut into 4″ squares to fill in the gaps. Instead of arranging my strip-pieced rows of fabrics as detailed in the “Steppin’ Up” instructions, I arranged the rows randomly. In this way, I could insert the 4″ scrap squares necessary for completing the rows.


Hooray for putting leftovers to good use, and hooray for discovering a way to transform a traditional pattern into a modern design!

I quilted loops and double loops with a light gray thread. And I bound the 40″ square quilt with a light gray Moda Marble fabric.


Suggestion: In case you are in on the 2016 Fat Quarter Challenge, you could use 5 FQs, cutting four 4″ strips from each, to make “Steppin’ Up.”




2 responses

18 01 2016
Jennifer Johnston

You are so clever Aby, fitting in those 4 inch squares where needed and changing the whole layout to make it work! I love it, especially the aqua fabrics.

18 01 2016
Patti Hyder

Very cute! I have lots of leftovers from several quilts for grandsons and great-nephews, blues that are sort of “I Spy” or “Boy” stuff like trucks and cars and sports. I hope/plan to make some little quilts for our church “prayer” quilts. Just need time to get them done.

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