Sashing for “Tumalo Trail”

22 01 2016

I’ve been working this winter on Bonnie Hunter’s scrap quilt design, “Tumalo Trail.” If you’d like to read about the beginning of this project, type “Tumalo Trail” in the Search Box (in the upper right corner of this blog page) + Enter. I promised to solicit your opinions once I finished all 16 blocks, so here we are.

Some blog¬†commenters suggested putting the quilt together without sashing. The layout below does look intriguing . . . but joining all the Nine Patches with seam allowances that don’t oppose would be a bear.


Some readers suggested multi-colored sashing strips. What do you think? I like the bright colors, but the multiple colors seems really busy to me. I’m looking at the sashing rather than the Nine Patches.


Red sashing would contrast well with the black print triangles.


Or, how about green? Green is a calmer color and allows the scraps of the Nine Patches to shine.


Leave your opinion in a comment below, please.




29 responses

22 01 2016

Please, please, without sashing… After all that (agreed, fun) work, do go that extra mile, please.

22 01 2016

I agree with your comment on the multi color sashing, the eye sees the sashing predominantly. Are the pictures of the other color samples larger? Maybe that’s why, but I see the sashing more than the blocks with each of the color sashing samples. As much as the non sashing design would be a bear, I like it best. The wonderful block pattern really stands out. It looses something of the design with each of the color sashing samples.

22 01 2016
Chris Woods

Looks better without sashing

22 01 2016

Love the pattern without sashing, but I’m with you on seam matching. Been there, done that and it’s no fun. How about white to make the 9-patches float?

22 01 2016

It is fabulous! Best without sashing! Otherwise sashing is all you see.

22 01 2016

Love the first picture without borders !
If you have to have borders did you try cream that matches background so it doesn’t take away from black ? Or black ?

22 01 2016

So I agree it looks best without the sashing. If you must do sashing, why not use the dark color used in the half square triangles. Then make the sashing the size of the small scrap squares. With the sashing being smaller it will distract less from the overall pleasing design like no sashing does without you fighting with all those seams.

22 01 2016
Darlene B

These are my thoughts exactly!

22 01 2016
Tracey Wright

Green gets my vote!

22 01 2016
Mary Ed Williams

Looks like I’m with the majority – no sashings, but if you HAVE to use them, I like the green.
Stay warm!

22 01 2016

I really like it without but easier is better so out of the colors you have is choose green but what about yellow. What would that do ore en the cream? Oh the possibilities!!

22 01 2016

I like it without sashing… would be more time with pinning. But that’s the design I like…..then the red…..::smile::

22 01 2016

I like the red. It really lets the pattern shine.

22 01 2016
Marie Krause

I have to say I agree with the others. I do like it without the sashing but the green would be my choice. Seeing it online often makes the colors difficult to see clearly. I am wondering what color are the large dark triangles in the HSTs? Do you have some of that color or similar? What would that look like?

22 01 2016
Brenda E.

I like the red and also like it without sashing.

22 01 2016
Jennifer Johnston

Of the choices offered, I say green! It allows the blocks to shine more. However, I really like what Trinity had to say!!! Try it!!!

22 01 2016

I really do like it without sashing, but if sash you must, maybe the green? It’s lovely either way!

22 01 2016

Please try some other colors if you must sash.

22 01 2016

I vote for no sashing — it’s a beautiful quilt!

23 01 2016

I like no sashing the best but I like Trinity’ s idea too!

23 01 2016

No sashing, but if you do sash, either the red or green. I can’t decide between those two

23 01 2016
Gala Damato

I like the red sashing. Green or yellow in more solid would work, too.

24 01 2016
Carole Sterner

I like the quilt without sashing as it distracts rather than blends. Maybe borders would be better although the quilt as it is is astounding.

24 01 2016

Definitely w/o sashing. Red is 2nd best, green next & multi—not good at all.

25 01 2016
Heather Raymond

I like the first one the best with no sashing. If you do the sashing, I like the red.

25 01 2016

I like the quilt without sashing. If you go with sashing, I like the red as well. I feel the sashing interrupts the flow of the secondary patterns.

25 01 2016

First of all, your quilt top is beautiful! I like the secondary pattern that is produced by the four nine-patches butting up together. But, I agree, the multi-color sashing is too busy. I know you will make the final result more eye catching!

1 02 2016
“Tumalo Trail” Finished! | abyquilts

[…] I learned from my previous post, Sashing for “Tumalo Trail,” that quilters have definite opinions! Of the twenty-seven readers who commented, twenty-three felt […]

1 02 2016

What a great report you gave back to us about the new Black Diamond. You made the right choices in my opinion. The quilt is bold, interesting, colorful and yet simple… Well done. Thanks for telling us how you went through your stash to find the borders and the size and your quilting and the color of thread. I love learning about how others make all the decisions they make in finishing a quilt…like even ironing the seams.

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