“Ohio Star” Table Runner

IMG_3850Since our military chapel’s “senior pastor” is passing the baton to another chaplain, I wanted to make a farewell gift for his wife. A quilted table runner would perfectly fit the bill. Inspiration came from a stack of 3 1/2″ “Nine Patches,” the result of a year long swap with Tarheel Quilters a couple of years ago. For the swap, I used 2 fat quarters to strip piece about 30 “Nine Patches” each month. On the months that 30 guild members did not participate, I received back all the extra blocks that I made.  In my stack, I found three matching blocks and began pulling tans and blues from my stash to coordinate.


IMG_3846“Ohio Star” with a “Nine Patch” in the center was my block design choice. My method for constructing the Quarter Square Triangles is as follows:  Since I needed 3 1/2″ (unfinished) Quarter Square Triangles, I cut 4 1/2″ fabric squares. To make 3 “Ohio Star” blocks, I needed 3 tan, 3 ecru, and 6 blue 4 1/2″ squares. After pairing a blue with each tan, and a blue with each ecru, right sides together, I cut the squares on both diagonals. I sewed the triangles together avoiding the temptation to stretch the bias edges, and I made sure to sew with the blue triangles always on top, beginning with the 90 degree angle. I pressed the seams toward the blue triangles. After sewing blue/tan triangle pairs to blue/ecru triangle pairs, I pressed the seams open. Then I trimmed the resulting Quarter Square Triangles to 3 1/2″ square.

IMG_3847After rotary cutting four  3 1/2″ ecru squares for corners of each of the 3 blocks, I laid out the components for one block on my cutting mat. I assembled the block in 3 rows of 3 squares each, pressing the seams away from the Quarter Square Triangles. Then I pinned and joined the 3 rows.

A fat quarter of blue and tan fabric supplied the sashing and first border. I considered quilting and binding the runner at this point, but then I decided that adding a blue micro print border would make the table runner larger and brighter.

IMG_3852I quilted continuous curves in the stars and a stylized lily in the ecru corner squares. Navy binding picks up the navy print in the “Nine Patches” and nicely finishes the runner.




5 thoughts on ““Ohio Star” Table Runner

  1. What a lovely gift Aby! And congratulations on using some of your stash 9 patches and a fat quarter in your project!

  2. I love this star table runner. I may have to make one for our table. Tablecloths are dangerous now that our youngest grand like to pull the tablecloth to get what he wants. How do you quilt the border so evenly. I haven’t taken on many complicated quilting projects.

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