“Tumalo Trail” Finished!

IMG_3868Well, I learned from my previous post, Sashing for “Tumalo Trail,” that quilters have definite opinions! Of the twenty-seven readers who commented, twenty-three felt the quilt would look best without sashing. Thanks for generously sharing your opinions; I took them to heart and assembled the quilt top without sashing. In analyzing the probable reason for your preference of “no sashing,” I believe you were trying to steer me away from making a quilt of individual scrappy blocks to making a quilt with a bold, unified diamond design. You helped me see the magnificent forest instead of focusing on each particular tree. Since this is my winter scrap quilt project (think “ski season”), I’m renaming my quilt “Black Diamonds.”

In constructing the quilt without sashing, I dreaded  matching the seams of the Nine Patches, knowing that most seam allowances were pressed in the same direction and would therefore not “lock” together. But you know, pinning at each seam intersection was not as time consuming as I thought it would be. Although I generally press seam allowances to one side, in this case, I pressed the seams open as I joined the blocks to each other. I felt this would reduce the possibility of broken needles and skipped stitches during the quilting stage.


One reason I originally planned to sash the blocks was to make a larger quilt. The sixteen unsashed blocks resulted in only a 54″ square throw-size quilt top. To bring it up to nearly twin size, I added a red inner border and a black outer border. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough of the old, black print skirt I repurposed for this project to construct the entire outer border. Rummaging in my bin of black fabrics, though, I found two print fat quarters that would blend nicely. A scrappy quilt can accommodate a scrappy border, right?


I cut all the border strips in 5″ widths and in various lengths and sewed them together alternately. The backing is a red VIP paw-print from the 90’s from my Aunt Ruth’s stash. I quilted a ”contour ploughing with random spirals” over-all, freehand design with off-white thread The quilt now measures 69″ square and will keep someone toasty warm this winter.

The funny thing about finishing a scrappy quilt is that I want to start another one right away. Opinions, anyone, on what my next project could be?


12 thoughts on ““Tumalo Trail” Finished!

  1. Aby,
    That quilt turned out so cool! I love it! I may just have to try one of my own! As your your next scrappy quilt- what ever you do will be worth waiting for!!

  2. The finished product is stunning Aby! No sashing was definitely the right choice. And again you managed to squeak in a couple fat quarters!!

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