“Splendid Sampler” Progress

12 03 2016

splendid_button_4Have you noticed the “Splendid Sampler” button in the right column of this blog? By clicking it, you will travel to the website hosted by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson. These quilters have coordinated a 100 block sampler designed by about 80 famous quilters. At the website, you can sign up to receive the two patterns released via email each week.

In addition to making the “Splendid Sampler” blocks that appeal to me and that will coordinate well with my Chocolat fabric choice, I’m making some of my all-time favorite blocks to add to the mix. Here’s the collection of 6″ blocks on my design wall.


The two blocks in the column on the left are part of the “Splendid Sampler” program; the other ten are time-honored quilt block designs that I will include in my sampler.

If you are making a “Splendid Sampler,” comment below with a tally of blocks you’ve made so far.




4 responses

12 03 2016
linda schiffer

I’ve been hand sewing my blocks as I’m on a long-term visit to my sibling’s farm and don’t have a sewing machine there … Have made four of the Sampler blocks, so far. Eager to try to keep up.

🙂 Linda

13 03 2016

I am making the sampler blocks and have seven made. I like your addition of traditional blocks.

21 03 2016
Brenda E.

i am usually just 2 behind but I consider that keeping up! Already thinking of setting and making duplicates to have a easier time making it queen size. Using blue, gray, and browns with neutrals.

21 03 2016

Way to go, Brenda! Making 2 blocks of each design is a good idea especially if you color them a bit differently.

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