2016 Fat Quarter Challenge – March

Here it is, the 15th of March already . . . and time for me to show you how I’ve used some Fat Quarters these past few weeks. I hope this blog post prompts you to make something with your FQ collection. When you do, please send me a digital picture to share with blog readers.  aby dot quilts at gmail dot com

IMG_3918“Buzz Saw” is a design I offer as a workshop project. Although the design looks complicated, it is quick and easy to execute. You will find a link to instructions for “Buzz Saw” on the Patterns page of this blog.

I purchased 2 purple Oriental floral Fat Quarters along with a coordinating gold print while visiting my friend Marie a year and a half ago. And they finally found a home in two matching table toppers.

On March 9 I presented my “Cutting Up” lecture to the Waterford Quilters Guild in Northern Virginia. Following the lecture about 20 guild members revved up their sewing machines to make a “Buzz Saw” block. Would you like to see some of the blocks with happy faces of their makers?

DSCN7718     DSCN7719

Tip:  The seam allowances will lie flatter in the center of the block if you spin them prior to pressing. Click here to view a tutorial of this technique by Kari Schell (www.onpointquilter.com).


I can’t wait to see pictures of the finished projects these guild members began in our workshop last week!

With spring just around the corner, take a look in your FQ collection. I bet you have some floral prints or some bright fabrics that would look great in “Buzz Saw” blocks!


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