Patriotic “Bowtie” QOV

DSCN7763On February 6 I participated in a sew day sponsored by the Fayetteville chapter of Quilts of Valor. Click here to read the blog post and to view the quilts we worked on.

Joyce, one of the participants, finished up a patriotic “Bowtie” quilt which I volunteered to machine quilt. The use of gray is noteworthy. I would not have thought of using medium/dark gray with red, white, and blue, but it certainly allows the prints to shine. Because Joyce used gray in the blocks, she could use white for a contrasting sashing.

DSCN7764For the quilting design, I meandered in the blocks and sashing with a light gray thread which blended well with the light as well as with the dark fabrics. Taking a cue from the starry prints, I quilted stars and loops with red thread in the outer border. Joyce plans to bind the quilt with the leftover red backing fabric.

A valorous veteran will soon receive a gift that tangibly says, “Thank you for your service.”

Have you made a Quilt of Valor recently? What design did you use?

5 thoughts on “Patriotic “Bowtie” QOV

  1. Nice quilt! I do like the gray very much. It is interesting. I am working on quilting a Home of the Brave quilt I had pieced for my mom’s quilt group. I am trying to finish it to get it returned to them by either the end of April or early May.

  2. Yeah! What a wonderful quilt! That F’ville group is something else! I’m still learning to quilt QOV’s on my Tiara – it’s a lifelong process!

  3. Beautiful! The colors do shine with the gray background. Such a wonderful organization, Quilts of Valor. And Home of the Brave, too, Marie. I have one on my machine at this very moment.

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