Fat Quarter Challenge – April

Each month this year I’m trying my best to diminish my stash of fat quarters by sewing some into a project. You can read previous blog posts on the subject by typing “fat quarter challenge” in the Search box in the top right corner of this blog page.

IMG_3928My challenge this month was using these coordinated lavender and mint green prints purchased some time ago. When I unfolded the neat triangles of fabric, I discovered they were NOT fat quarters; they were 10″ x Width of Fabric cuts. Since I had planned to make a Yellow Brick Road quilt which calls for fat quarters, I looked at the cutting¬†instructions to see if they could be modified for “long” quarters. Not exactly!

So I set the project aside, and overnight my brain came up with an alternate cutting plan to efficiently utilize the fabric. (Does your brain sub-consciously solve problems for you overnight? It often works for me!)


I’ve provided a link to instructions for “Organized Chaos,” a 40″ square baby quilt, on the Patterns page.

Jump into my challenge – how will you use some Fat Quarters, Long Quarters, or other pre-cut bundle in April? Helga already sent a picture of a Fat Eighth project in progress. I’ll post about it soon, and I’d like to include a picture of your project as well. Send a digital picture and explanation to aby dot quilts at gmail dot com.

5 thoughts on “Fat Quarter Challenge – April

  1. I wish my brain worked like that! At night my mind goes into “woe is me” mode. I’ll try to think of quilts instead!

  2. This is a sweet quilt. When I get involved in a quilt project at night it usually keeps me awake and doesn’t necessarily help me with the project at hand. Your experience was definitely a success.

  3. I like this challenge you’ve made for yourself Abi. Since we’ve been in log home building mode I’ve seriously cut out buying fabric (unless needed for a specific and current project) and I’m trying to sew from my stash. It’s actually a really good feeling :o)

  4. I have to keep a notebook and pen by the bed because the ideas come to me and if I don’t write them down, I can’t get back to sleep. LOL Good use of your fabrics to make such a pretty quilt.

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