Warrenton Quilt Days


Shady Oaks, built in 1812

This past weekend I was invited to be a guest lecturer at the, North Carolina Quilt Days. Susan Harris, owner of Quilt Lizzy, concocted the idea of combining a quilt show with a tour of historical homes. If you missed attending this year, be on the look-out for advertisements of next year’s celebration.

My friend Judy and I toured about eight of the many homes in Warrenton, exclaiming over tall ceilings, antique furniture, and the quilts exhibited by guild members for the occasion. The Hendricks House displays the work of African American quilters particularly and serves as a meeting place for a thriving quilting group. The quilt below caught my eye.


In another home, I snapped the following photo of a simple quilt that gives me an idea for using some floral fat quarters in my stash.


In the late 1800s, Warrenton was a booming town owing to a railroad station and cotton production. It was nostalgic to step back in time inside the old cotton gin where a quilting frame was suspended from the ceiling.


A brown bag lunch was served on a church lawn dotted with picnic quilts and tables spread with white cloths rippling in the breeze. What a lovely way to spend a sunny Saturday, speaking with quilters and the owners of amazing old homes in a friendly town!


3 thoughts on “Warrenton Quilt Days

  1. That sounds like a fun thing to do. Wish I still lived in DC or Fayetteville. May have to coordinate a trip to visit if this event takes place again.

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