“Sherbet” Projects

I’m sure last week’s blog tour has whetted your appetite for a copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, vol. 13. In it you will find lots of inspiration for current and future quilting projects.

Alison Dale designed the “Sherbet” block (#1263). I enlarged the block to 15″ and added borders for a table topper for my sister, Liz, using fabrics that coordinate with the kitchen curtains I made her last spring. Since her table is round, we decided a square quilt would fit better than a rectangular runner. (Happy belated birthday, Liz!)


After making the “biggie size” block, I decided to try the design as a mini – 6.” The “Chocolat” fabrics that I’m using for my “Splendid Sampler” worked nicely.

On these warm spring days, try the refreshing block, “Sherbet.” Click here to link with Allison’s blog about her design.

2 thoughts on ““Sherbet” Projects

  1. This is cute and a great idea. I need to make a birthday gift for a friend and was thinking of a table runner. She, too, has a round table so this makes sense. Did you make it with the same batting and all as a regular bed quilt?

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