Progress – Crawl Space Finished!

18 05 2016

Many of you know we are having a retirement home built. (Yes, with a LARGE sewing studio above the kitchen and garage!) I’d like to show you a picture which demonstrates the progress.


The concrete footers were poured and cinder blocks were built on them. Then brick masons faced the block with brick. We selected the “Pinehurst” pattern of brick because we plan for dark green shutters which will blend with the darker bricks. The structure is chest high now, and cinder block pillars on which beams and flooring will rest are inside the walls. The baby quilts, current scrap projects, hang on the kitchen bay window area.

This is the view we’ll see from our kitchen bay window eating area. The building across the lake is a bath house hailing from the time the lake was a favorite swimming hole.


Once the foundation passes inspection, our contractor will hire framers to erect the walls. In the meantime, I need to quilt those baby quilts!




3 responses

18 05 2016

How exciting Aby!!! The view is beautiful ! The house will be done before you know it! The quilts are cute too!!

18 05 2016
Jennifer Johnston

Any progress is good progress!!!

20 05 2016
Marie Krause

Wow! What fun to see your house started along with pictures of quilts!

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