Vacation Sewing

17 08 2016

Do you like to take along a sewing/quilting project when traveling on vacation? I do! I usually reserve hand appliqué projects for down time when I’m away from home because I tend to be more motivated for slow stitching when away from my high speed machines. If I anticipate I’ll have time for machine sewing, I’ll pack the Featherweight Singer inherited from my grandmother.


Last week while visiting relatives in Pennsylvania, I machine sewed the FQ friendly baby quilt I posted about on Monday. In addition, I sewed a bunch of blocks for my Splendid Sampler project. I managed to hand sew the hexagon block on the road, and the others were sewn a few each day in between other family projects and outings.


For me, a vacation week is successful if hubby and I break out of our normal routine and relax. And I also like to have something to show for my week out of town. My handful of 6” blocks is my tangible take away.

Back in town again, we are excited to see progress on our house building project. Our contractor thinks it may be complete by the end of October!

IMG_0049 (1)

What type of sewing project did you take along on your summer vacation?




4 responses

17 08 2016

Congrats on you building project. You are probably counting the days for it to be finished. Last long trip we took I taught my self to knit. It was one stitch and I made several scarves. This trip I will be working on quilting. What do you carry your fabric pieces in to have them handy and not all over the car?

17 08 2016

Applique is lower on the list then curved pieces and triangles!!! But I love the colors!! The house is looking good.

17 08 2016

I haven’t been on a vacation in a while….even if I did I do not know hand sewing…lol…I took a staycation and used my machine to whip out 40 blocks for my dad’s birthday quilt….

22 08 2016

Fun to see all your little blocks! Love all the windows in the new house. Exciting to know you will soon be moving in.

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