More VFG Blocks

This past weekend I devoted several hours to catching up on my Vintage Farm Girl sampler quilt. To be honest, I was about ready to abandon the project because I just hadn’t found time to work on it. What with overnight guests, volunteer work, and picnics at our new property, summer and my enthusiasm slipped away. Do you ever feel like this about a quilt project? The fact that you have a U.F.O. (UnFinished Object) or W.I.P. (Work in Progress) is there in the back of your mind, prodding you to take action. But since you don’t have a chunk of time to work on it, you feel like giving up altogether.

My brain’s gentle prodding led me to look at and count the 6” blocks I had already made. Fourteen! I shouldn’t give up now! To add to the motivation, daughter Trinity texted asking if I’d made enough blocks already for the quilt. I said to myself, “Okay, it’s time to work on these blocks again. Pull out the instruction book and the fabrics, rev up the sewing machine, and get going.” It was fun to text Trinity pictures of each of the blocks as I made them.


For the next week or so, VFG blocks will be my go-to project when I have a spare hour to sew. All I needed to resurrect this project was a little prodding to evaluate by previous progress and the encouragement of a fellow quilter.

Do you have a tip for finishing a languishing project? What helps motivate you to finish a quilt you started months ago?


6 thoughts on “More VFG Blocks

  1. If there is a new project I’m just itching to start, I bargain with myself . “Finish X number of blocks or put the borders on X project, and then you can start the new one!” It’s clearly not foolproof based on the number of UFO’s I still have but it helps motivate me sometimes!

  2. My motivation is lousy weather. Then I need to do something and if the project is all over my sewing space I need to do something about it. So I put my go to project in front of me so I can get moving on it to make room for the next thing.

  3. This was the same discussion we had on a face book group. Lack of motivation….your little squares are fabulous…I just tidied up some sewing space, put on the music and cut out 3 quilts and 2 bindings…ahhh I feel the motivation waning…

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