2017 – Pre-cut Challenge

Happy New Year! And with the new year well-wishes comes a new year abyquilts blog challenge. As a reminder, we had a monthly Fat Quarter challenge in 2016. Although I still have a container of unused FQs, I want to change it up a little, proposing a different challenge this year. After conferring with Maridee, a regular participant in the 2016 challenge, I’ve hit upon a pre-cut challenge for the coming year.


We are all tempted to buy Jelly Rolls (2 1/2″ wide strips), Charm Squares (5″ squares), Quilter’s Candy (2 1/2″ squares), and Layer Cakes (10″ squares), right? And many times they simply become colorful decorations on the shelves in our sewing rooms. This year let’s change our languishing pre-cuts into lovely quilts!

Rather than issue a monthly challenge, I’m issuing a quarterly challenge. Here’s the schedule:

January – March:  Quilter’s Candy or Fat Quarters

April – June:  Jelly Roll

July – September:  Layer Cake

October – December:  Charm Squares

Toward the beginning of each quarter, I’ll blog about my pre-cut choice and explain my intended project. When I finish the project, I’ll share a photo, and toward the end of each quarter, I’ll ask you to email me a digital picture of your challenge project.

Are you game? Do you have an idea already for the pack of Quilter’s Candy or stack of Fat Quarters that’s simply collecting dust in your sewing room? Game on!

13 thoughts on “2017 – Pre-cut Challenge

  1. If only I had known….
    In November I used a layer cake for a project, and yesterday I started a charm pack project. Do they still count?
    We are all looking forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Oh yeah! This is a great challenge. I could start a store with all of my pre-cut options. And just purchased a Fat quarter book so I am in!

  3. I’m in- I’ve been going to a monthly sew along at my quilt shop using jelly rolls-2016. This year it alternates between jelly rolls and fat quarters. So I’m half way there already!! Lol

  4. I’m definitely in. Now to figure out what Quilter’s Candy is. I have enough charm packs to make a quilt a week for the next year.

  5. Quilter’s Candy – not what but where I’ve stashed them all. My goal this week is to thoroughly clean the sewing room. I read cleaning and organizing can help with inspiration. Guess I’ll find out this week.

  6. Ja, Aby, das passt prima! Ich bin gerade dabei einen Quilter’s candy zu vernähen – zu einem Kinderquilt! Ich werde ihn sicher bis spätestens März fertigstellen.

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