House Construction

17 01 2017

img_0531Perhaps you are curious about the progress on our retirement home. The photo shows the back of the house; just one more warm day is needed for the bricklaying. In addition, wood under-layment is installed for vinyl in kitchen, bathrooms, and my sewing studio. And I have been shopping at Lowe’s for lighting fixtures and bathroom towel bars. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

For a textile rather than brick and mortar update, I’d like to show you the 6″ houses I made for a block exchange. The guidelines stipulated bright fabrics as well as black and white on a white background. The 12 participants each made 12 blocks of various sizes and one small wall quilt for a lottery exchange. I was ecstatic to find a fat quarter of the striped fabric for a border in the bottom of my sewing basket. The mini quilt is hand quilted; click the picture to zoom in an see the details.

img_0532I can hardly wait for our home to be complete, and I am on pins and needles to see the blocks my friends made for me!




9 responses

17 01 2017

Your house is coming along and looking great. Shopping is always fun and exhausting.That mini quilt is fabulous. Love those colors.

17 01 2017

This is a fun idea and your colors are so pretty! What kind of time limit did you put on this project?

17 01 2017

We were given over a year to construct house blocks for the exchange. But I procrastinated until a few months before the deadline.

17 01 2017
Jennifer Johnston

Wow Aby! Looks like you’ll be moving in before long. Love your fabric houses as well!

17 01 2017

I love the houses and bright colors. Daral

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17 01 2017
Kim koester

How exciting love your new home !!

17 01 2017

I like the B&W zigzag for the inner border.

17 01 2017
Patti Hyder

So excited about your house! (It looks kinda familiar. 😉 ) The house blocks are super cute! Will I see you in Feb. in VA?

17 01 2017
Debbie @ Shadows of the Blue Ridge

Sounds like your house and our house are at a similar stage. I am so ready to be done with picking things out – I had no idea how many hours of time it was going to take…a bit stressful at times. It’s looking great, though!

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