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4 03 2017

travel-plans-tableHello faithful blog readers. On Tuesday, I was so excited to tell you about the publication of my runner, “Travel Plans,” in the April/May issue of McCall’s Quick Quilts that I forgot to announce a drawing for a free magazine!

travel-plans-placematIf you would like to be in the drawing, please leave a comment below saying whether you are more likely to make the runner or a set of placemats. I will draw for two winners on Saturday, March 11.

Click here if you missed my blog post about “Travel Plans.” Click here to order the April/May 2017 issue of Quick Quilts.





37 responses

4 03 2017
linda schiffer

I would like to make both, really. This is a classic design and I can see it being a really nice housewarming gift or special holiday set.

🙂 linda

4 03 2017

Both! They are darling, I can’t wait! Thanks, Lynn

4 03 2017
Sally Murray

What a wonderful SW design. I like to make runners a bit more than place mats as I use then all over assorted tables but with this design I’d make both!

4 03 2017

Please put me in the drawing. I love this idea!!

4 03 2017

I would most likely make the placemats because, although it is gorgeous, I don’t have a good table for a table runner.

4 03 2017

I think making all of them as a set would be great.

4 03 2017

I would prefer making a table runner, they always look good.
Congrats on being in McCalls mag.

4 03 2017
Judy Bartran

HI, Aby. Please include me in the magazine drawing. I would be more likely to make the table runner.

4 03 2017
Melody Lutz

Table Runner for me!

4 03 2017

Definitely the table runner.

4 03 2017
Nancy Sue

I love the table runner. I think I’d make that first, and then make the placemat set for a house warming gift 🙂

4 03 2017
My Sewful Retirement

Hi Aby – I love the table runner and will make it first!

4 03 2017
Kathy h

I would make the runner. Great pattern.

4 03 2017

Both….Placemats for the bar, and a runner for the table. Thanks!

4 03 2017
Kim koester

Love it 💙💜💚❤I would make a table runner !

4 03 2017

I plan to make table runners and placemats for my 2 girls this year for Christmas.

4 03 2017
Pamela Reim

I really like the table runner!

5 03 2017

They’re both great for sure. I’d make the placemats first, then the tablerunner.

5 03 2017
Beth T.

I’d make the runner, for sure. I’ve been making runners for our home and for gifts for awhile now–they’re always really well-received, and I don’t have to account for the ever-changing head counts among friends and family. (Friends at dinner, boyfriends, toddlers advancing to the table, etc.–who can keep track of how many placemats to make? And when there aren’t enough, I always feel bad when I’m setting the table and it’s mismatched. So, a runner is our answer.)

5 03 2017

Table runner. Also I saw in the McCall’s quick quilts magazine a group of ladies used your summer safari pattern to make charity quilts for the church! How exciting it must be to see people be inspired by your ideas.

5 03 2017

I would make the table runner. It’s a cute design.

5 03 2017

Why not make both??

5 03 2017
Maridee Hargis

I already have been planning the fabrics for a set of 10 placemats. My new house will have space for a large table (which is already on order). Can’t wait to move closer to family and host a pot luck.

5 03 2017
Mary Ed Williams

And Micheal (Jordan, that is) was in the house! Oops,,forgot who I was writing! Am still so excited! Anyhow, I want to make the runner and placemats for a wedding gift for a cousin. I will find the issue if I don’t win. See you at Symposium!

5 03 2017
Kathie Gore

I would make the placemats. My stash of mini charms are calling to be used! That would be a great start!

5 03 2017
Darlene B

I think I would make the table runner!

5 03 2017
Liz Horgan

I would be more likely to make the runner–and then give it as a gift. I don’t use either runners or placemats myself. Thanks for the chance and great pattern!

5 03 2017
Jennifer L Johnston

Congratulations Aby! I would love to make a table runner.

5 03 2017
Connie German

My table is in need of some new placemats.

5 03 2017
Rochelle Summers

I liked both versions but think the table runner is what I would make. When I gift hand made placemats, I’m told they are too pretty to use!!!

5 03 2017

I am most likely to make the table runner as I need more of them.

5 03 2017

I’d start with the table runner… and then be so enjoying the process that I would have bits left over for a placemat or 4 😉

6 03 2017

If I am the lucky chosen one d make the table runner first and then the placemat to use as another table mat. Thanks Aby, your design looks lovely.

6 03 2017

I would like to make the table runner.

7 03 2017
Brenda E.

Table runners are my go to gift for weddings and showers!

7 03 2017
Tonya Krout

I would make the table runner. I think they are more versatile.

7 03 2017

I like both the runner and placemats. What a great design. I already get the magazine and it was fun to see you were featured! Congratulations on another publication.

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