“Conflagration” Quilt Top

10 03 2017

This is a wedding quilt for a young couple whose favorite color is orange. But since they bought red couches, the bride asked if I could combine red and orange in the quilt. She said, “I have always liked red and orange together.” Well, personally, I generally do not combine red and orange in the same quilt. I use either red, or I use orange. However, I concluded, after an online search, that orange and red could look really nice together. To see what I saw, search for “images of red and orange quilts.”

I found inspiration for this quilt from a “Nine Patch” quilt on Pinterest made by Leslie with black and white and lime fabrics. I changed the alternate blocks, putting a “Four Patch” on point, square-in-a square style. I purchased quarter yard cuts of 3 red tonals and 3 orange tonals, and I repurposed black and white prints I had saved for a different quilt project. All squares are cut 3 1/2,” and I cut white triangles over-sized so I could easily trim the alternate blocks to 9 1/2.”

I plan and edge to edge quilting design, and the backing is an orange/red and yellow print. But I’m in a quandary over thread color. Red or Orange . . . or Yellow? What is your opinion?




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10 03 2017
Kathy Hansen

Love it, Aby! My opinion on the thread color- let the best longarmer in the world decide!!

10 03 2017

That is a fabulous quilt top. I too wouldn’t have thought to do orange and red, but when you think about salt water fish and other things in nature I guess it works. you did a great job combining them. If it were me I would use a light yellow for the thread.

10 03 2017
Marie K.

I would want to see the thread against the quilt to decide. I would think the yellow since the red or orange would show up in the white so much. I like Kathy’s response . Aby, you always pick the right one.

10 03 2017
Rochelle Summers

How about a variegated red/orange/yellow or something along that line. I love the way this quilt looks. I wouldn’t have had any problem putting red and orange in the same quilt.

10 03 2017

How about white?

10 03 2017

Can you do a combination of  two , red and orange, or three all together, but baringthat go with the orange and it will show up on the red.

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10 03 2017

What about a green or a lime instead of yellow?

10 03 2017

When in Doubt go with a variegated thread!

10 03 2017
Patti Hyder

Maybe Orange since that’s the original color they asked for????

10 03 2017
Judy Bartran

I agree with Trinity — a variegated thread. I wonder if you could find a red, orange, yellow variegated?

11 03 2017

How about pink thread?

12 03 2017

I also agree, variegated. Pam

12 03 2017
Suzan deSerres

How about a warm gray thread?

12 03 2017
Jennifer Johnston

How about black which would pop nicely on the white, be a great contrast with the Orange and red and blend with the black.

1 06 2017
“Conflagration” Finished and Gifted! | abyquilts

[…] I loaded “Conflagration” on the longarm, determined to finish it for Ty and Mel. Just click here to read more about this quilt. Isn’t that orange/red print perfect for the […]

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