New Home

21 04 2017

Several of you have inquired, and I am delighted to say, “Yes, we have moved into our new home!”

I am working on airing my quilts since they have been cooped up in storage boxes for about nine months. 

We love living with a view of our quarry/lake “out in the country,” knowing that “town” is only two miles away. 

We feel blessed to be settling into our retirement home and happy that, Lord willing, we won’t have to move again!




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21 04 2017
Judy Bartran

Your house is beautiful, Aby!

21 04 2017

Your home is beautiful. What town at you in? Make wonderful memories there with your family! Enjoy it in good health.

21 04 2017


21 04 2017

Congratulations Aby & Randy!!! I am one of those who have wondered if you had yet built and moved into your forever home. Maybthe wine, salt and bread be forever yours. Lauri

21 04 2017
Kathy Hansen

Beautiful! Can we see the sewing room, please?

21 04 2017
Patti Hyder

So happy for you!!!

21 04 2017

The house is beautiful and I love the “decoration” of the quilts!! I know you’ll enjoy it. We will be in your neck of the woods in October. Just may need to stop by!!

21 04 2017

Your home is beautiful.

21 04 2017

Beautiful home! I know what you mean about never having to move again. We are at the 2.5 year mark in our retirement home, and I feel like it’s time to start packing!! Or, maybe just rearrange the furniture….

21 04 2017

Congratulations on your BEAUTIFUL home! Sooo happy for you – retirement looks good on you!

21 04 2017

So happy for you! Penny

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22 04 2017
Mary Ed Williams

How lovely your new home is. Well worth the wait. And I’m sure you both more than deserve it.
See you at Symposium!
Mary Ed

22 04 2017

Lovely, Aby! It must be such a relief to stay in one place for more than two or three years.Will there be bee hives in the back yard?

22 04 2017

We do have a beehive, but it is not located near the house.

22 04 2017

I really enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful quilts and the stories behind them when you visited Lk. Gaston Piecemakers last week! Congratulations on moving into your beautiful new home!

22 04 2017

Thank you, Vanessa. It was great to see you and your Piecemaking friends again!

22 04 2017
Marie K.

So happy for you to finally get settled. I can surely identify with the feeling of putting down some roots and not moving again! My husband keeps saying, “when we cannot take care of this place and need to move into the city” and I just cannot hear that!

22 04 2017
Maridee Hargis

Enjoy getting rid of some of those boxes you’ve saved for tv, computers, etc. I can’t wait. We’re down to 3 mos! And doesn’t look like a lot of mowing for a bit. Mike would LOVE that!

22 04 2017

Congratulations! What a beautiful home — and I love the quilts airing on the railing. What a homey touch!

22 04 2017
Debbie @ Shadows of the Blue Ridge

Yay Aby! I have, indeed, been wondering if you moved into your home yet. I hope the settling in process is going well. We are hoping (and praying, too!) to move into our new home in May.

22 04 2017
Erin Ramsey

YAY! Enjoy. You deserve it. It is pretty on the outside. How about a pictorial tour of the inside (when you’re ready) 🙂

26 04 2017

Congrats Aby! I know you and your family must be excited! Beautiful home, love all the quilts. Enjoy & God bless!

1 05 2017
Robin and Bill

Your new home is so beautiful and I know the setting is stunning. Bill and I are so happy that you are in your forever home!

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