Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Vol. 15 – Blog Tour

Welcome to Day 2 of the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks from Today’s Top Designers, Vol. 15 blog tour! It’s a Road Rally of a tour, so after you read my blog, link to Quilty Pleasures, the Quiltmaker blog, for depictions of more blocks and links to other designers on today’s tour. Also read the details of the blog tour scavenger hunt and play along by collecting “souvenirs.”

“Cameo Appearance” is on page 39 of this volume, published bi-annually. When I make traditional quilts, I’m always on the lookout for a large scale, multi-colored print. I like to use the print within the patchwork blocks and also as an outer border. The “American Beauty” line of fabric designed by Gerri Robinson for Red Rooster is perfect for my traditional block and quilt idea.

I fussy cut the center square from the large scale print to show a stylized flower to full advantage. This is my “cameo” for the block. I hope you’ll try making this fast and fun block with similarly beautiful fabrics.

Here’s an Electric Quilt drawing of a quilt layout. Notice that the blue triangles in the corners of each block form a secondary “Shoofly” design with the red cornerstones.

For the Road Rally scavenger hunt, Quiltmaker editors asked me to describe the ugliest fabric in my stash. It is a brown calico I bought at least ten years ago for $1 a yard. Such a deal! More a fan of blue rather than brown, I have not thought of a project in which to use the fabric. I have a theory that the ugliest fabric in your stash is the one you can’t quite envision using. Am I right?

The magazine is on sale in newsstands. But if you would you like to win a free copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Vol. 15, leave a comment below. To be eligible in the drawing, you must tell me what your ugliest fabric is. I will draw the winners on May 8.

Click here to link to the Quilty Pleasures blog. Be sure to comment there, too, for a chance to win prizes.

I invite you to “follow” my blog. I’ve issued a pre-cut challenge this year with quarterly goals. Scroll through the archives to see quilts made with Fat Quarters and Quilter’s Candy in January-March. Using Jelly Rolls is the second quarter challenge. Please join the fun!


115 thoughts on “Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Vol. 15 – Blog Tour

  1. Red, white and blue with stars and pokka dots. I used most of it for a quilt I donated to the American Legion, and was just so happy to get it out of my house!
    allisonpogany at gmail.com

  2. Oh mercy…ugliest fabric…i have a few as my mom passed and…what was she thinking??! There is some fabric of these sumo type figures with black background. It is kindof scary looking actually. There were some others but i think that one topped the pile. I heard a saying that if you think a fabric is ugly, you haven’t cut it small enough. Lol. I am working on a scrappy irish chain so i cut that fabric into 2 inch squares. I can still laugh at it by bits and pieces but i dont have to think…what the heck do I do with THIS? I couldnt stand the thought of throwing it away! Maybe you could use your brown calico in a scrap quilt you make….I did leader/enders for my irish chain to make it let daunting.

  3. I absolutely love your block using the “traditional” fabrics. The fussy cutting is so much fun. I love using traditionals as well. My ugliest was sort of gifted to me as it comes from the stash of my son-in-law’s grandmother after she had passed. It is a cream background with a large print of “old fashioned kitchen scenes.” I can’t bring myself to pitch it, but I also can’t imagine how I’ll ever use it.

  4. I was gifted a piece of fabric – dark brown with colorful flip flops printed on it. I think it is the dark brown that makes it unappealing to me. Maybe I could just fussy cut the flip flops and use them somehow! LOL.

  5. I have tons on ugly fabric! The one that comes to mind first, though, is a cheddar orange/yellow print, and I have yards of it. Ugh. It will find a place to play eventually.

  6. Mine is a pink print that was given away by someone who was destashing their uglies. On screen it looked fine, in person, not so much. Still haven’t found a use for it.

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  8. I have a 1 inch red and white check with ears of corn at least 8 inches tall and they have faces and are laughing. What was I thinking? I challenged myself to use it, so it is a backing. I still have some in my scrap bin. Maybe I thought I’d run out.

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