“Conflagration” Finished and Gifted!

1 06 2017

After finishing Linda’s stockpile of quilts (see previous post), I loaded “Conflagration” on the longarm, determined to finish it for Ty and Mel. Just click here to read more about this quilt. Isn’t that orange/red print perfect for the backing?

Several of you wrote comments/suggestions on the quilting thread color I could use. Since the couple’s favorite color is orange, I chose orange thread and a spikey spiral overall, freehand design. To try “spikey spiral,” begin with making a spiral and echo back out of the spiral. Then make pointed spikes around the outer curve. Once you quilt spikes halfway or three-quarters of the way around the spiral, branch off into the next spiral.

For binding, I deliberated between black solid and black and white stripe. I chose the stripe for a fun, modern finish. Ty and Mel (and their red sofa) make “Conflagration” look good, don’t they?




3 responses

1 06 2017
Sana Moulder

I *LOVE* the striped binding! No quilt is ever complete without a striped fabric.

1 06 2017

Looks great and they sure seem to like it.

5 06 2017
Linda G

I love the striped border!!

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