Mosaic Tiles X 2 Finished!

10 06 2017

Bordered in blue, my Jelly Roll Mosaic Tiles quilt is ready to cuddle under. To finish my second quarter pre-cut challenge is exciting! You can read previous blog posts for instructions for the 14″ blocks. 

The quilt bordered in orange was my proto-type for the jelly roll quilt. I used rectangle, square, and triangle scraps with a black and white polka dot to add continuity to all the colorful bits and pieces. 

Both are quilted with a meander that resembles contour plowing. Light robin’s egg blue for the blue quilt and light yellow for the scrappy quilt. 

Now I can move on to the next project on my Summer Projects list!




4 responses

10 06 2017

I really like how bright the two quilts are and the Polka dots look good on them.

10 06 2017
Mary Ed Williams

What wonderful quilts. They beg for someone to snuggle under with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate (well maybe iced tea this time of year). Well done, Aby.

21 06 2017

Love these quilts! Especially the blue one you were working on at Sew n’ Sews.

22 06 2017

Thanks for your comment, Elaine!

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