“Double Nine Patch” Gifted

17 06 2017

Prayers would be appreciated for my father-in-law, Harold, who began chemotherapy this week. I gave him a “Double Nine Patch” quilt for warmth during the chilly procedures.


Have you ever given or received a comfort quilt or crocheted/knitted prayer shawl? What exactly is it about a quilt/shawl that comforts during stressful times? I invite your comments.




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17 06 2017

I am sorry that your father in law has to go through chemo treatments, my mother had a year of them about 12 years ago. I think a quilt or prayer shawl is a special and personal and comforting to know someone cares about them so much. Just my thought on it.

17 06 2017

I’m sorry to hear about father in law having to receive chemo How beautiful your quilt of comfort for him is. I’m sure it will give him joy during the weeks ahead.

I made a quilt of comfort for my Dad. He was in my care as he watched me make it for him. The fact that he only got to use it once was sad but knowing he saw it & liked it very much brought ME comfort. Funny how that works.

Happy Father’s Day to your men.

17 06 2017
Rochelle Summers

I hope your Father-in-law responds to the treatment. I gave a quilt to my sister when she was undergoing chemo. I quilted words of encouragement into the quilt. She appreciated and used it. I also made her some fleece hats to wear as it was winter and her head was cold. She still got a wig to wear when she went out but preferred the fleece hat in the house.

17 06 2017
Beth T.

I made a comfort quilt for someone beloved, a second mother to me, when she was being treated for cancer that was found very late. It was, of necessity, a very simple quilt as I knew I needed to hurry, but that didn’t matter to either of us. She felt the love that went into my choice of fabric, the love behind the very thought of making a quilt, and when she slept beneath it, it was a reminder that she was not alone in her journey through her illness.
For me, it was comforting to be reminded that I had a part in helping her through this even though I could not affect her treatment. She was so much more than a patient, and the quilt was about that–while it wrapped around her body, it soothed her soul.
I will be praying for your father-in-law, and your family.

17 06 2017
Dwanna Martinez

Praying for your father in law!

18 06 2017

He loves it Abby and has it on the bed. 

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18 06 2017
Patti Hyder

Prayers for your father-in-law, for successful therapy! Love the quilt! I made a quilt out of bright batiks for an 18 yr old young woman who was going through chemo for lymphoma. Thankfully she is now cancer-free!

18 06 2017

A quilt says “somebody cares.” When a member of our Garden Club was going through chemo, members picked the 5 inch squares and I made the quilt. Privately, each of us wrote our own prayer for her return to good health and included it in a fabric envelope stitched on the back. She still reminds us how much that meant to her. Prayer works.

18 06 2017
Liz Horgan

Good luck to your father in law, I’ll keep him in my thoughts and prayers! I made two comfort quilts that I can remember for two friends going through treatment for breast cancer. Both said it gave them comfort through the difficult treatment. Both have been cancer free!

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