Two Applique Methods for “Orange Peel” Blocks

21 08 2017

As you know, I am diligently working on an “Orange Peel” hand applique project. In response to last week’s post on the subject, Patti sent me a picture of her take-along “Orange Peel” blocks. Aren’t the fabric “peels” pretty?

Patti writes, “I had a charm pack called ‘Soho Calicos’ from Benartex and a grey Bella Solid charm pack. I think I got both on Daily Deals from MSQC (Missouri Star Quilt Company). I may donate it to our church this winter for an auction for Missions.
It’s my ‘work on while waiting for my husband in surgery’ and ‘while watching evening TV’ project.”

To prep the “peels” for hand applique, Patti is using lightweight fusible webbing to turn under the 1/4″ seam allowance. She found a great explanatory tutorial on the Missouri Star Quilt Company channel of You Tube. Click here to watch the “Orange Peel” tutorial.

Alternately, I am using a freezer paper method to prep my “peels.” I cut out 4 templates of the exact size of the “peels” from freezer paper–no seam allowance added. Spray starching the fabric at this point is helpful. I placed the waxy side of the freezer paper “peels” to the right side of the fabric and  pressed with a dry iron. Then I cut out all around the “peels,” 1/4″ larger all around for a turn-under seam allowance. As you can see from the photo, I finger-pressed all around the “peel,” using the freezer paper edge as a guide. The starch aids in making the creases.

Using very thin pins, I will attach the “peel” to the background fabric and then hand applique in place. Once each “peel” is appliqued, I remove the freezer paper and reuse it on the next set of “peels.” The freezer paper templates can be used several times before the wax no longer adheres to the fabric.

Have you tried either of these methods for prepping hand applique? Do you have a preference?




One response

22 08 2017

I love this “Blue Sky” fabric too! I follow “laundry Basket Quilts” on Instagram, and get to see her working with these beautiful blues. She has a new book coming out this fall of all blue quilts! Your peels are just lovely! =}

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