Miniature Block Exchange

14 09 2017

Earlier this summer my friend Lori organized a 4″ block exchange among five quilting friends. We used the Simple Friendships book by Kim Diehl and Jo Morton as our guide. (Click here to view the book on We are making blocks for the row by row sampler quilt on page 100. While the book gives instructions for using only brown Civil War prints and tan shirtings, we are using various colors with the shirtings. The only stipulation was that we must use fabrics from our stashes (i.e. not purchase any new fabric). This rule was hard to abide by because I found some gorgeous medium blue with small white paisleys and a lovely tiny floral with mustard yellow background at Loving Stitches quilt shop. (I bought fat quarters anyway to use in a future Civil War repro quilt.)

There are six different blocks in the sampler, so Lori settled on a six month exchange scheme. We are to mail three of the blocks to the other participants in September. Enthused about the project, I made five each of four of the blocks right away. Then summer activities and other quilts distracted me. September rolled around, and I realized that the two blocks I procrastinated in making are supposed to be mailed this month. Arrrgh!

A couple of hours of concentrated cutting and sewing, and they are done! It will be so much fun to see the fabrics my friends have used in their sampler blocks. Although the blocks and the wall quilt are small, the exchange project stretches over several more months, so you probably won’t see the finished quilt until the new year.

Are you currently participating in a block exchange?




3 responses

14 09 2017
Kevin Pam Leonard

Love your blocks!!!

14 09 2017
Shannon Brown

That sounds like so much fun!! I can’t wait to see what the final quilt will look like. I’ve never participated in one, but it sounds like fun. I would be worried about waiting til the last minute though! lol

5 07 2018
Second Quarter UFO Round-up | abyquilts

[…] As usual, time slipped away from me . . . meaning I chose to work on other projects . . . and I procrastinated working on these two quilts until the final week of June. I am happy to say that “Chocolate Factory” is complete. The instructions for this quilt can be found in the book Simple Friendships by Kim Diehl and Jo Morton. (The quilt in the book was made entirely of brown prints, hence the name “Chocolate Factory.”) Last summer and fall, I exchanged blocks made with colorful Civil War reproduction fabrics  with four quilting friends. You can read about the beginning of the project here. […]

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