3rd Quarter Challenge–More Layer Cake Quilts

This is the 4th quarter of 2017 wherein our challenge focuses on Charm squares, but several blog readers have been diligently finishing up their 3rd quarter projects using Layer Cakes (packages of 10″ squares). Read on for inspiration!

Blog reader and friend, Stephanie, sent pictures of her Layer Cake quilts along with an explanation of her design process.

“How this all came together – Some time ago, I won a layer cake of beautiful purple and green fabrics.  The June 2017 issue of The Quilt Pattern Magazine featured Time Squared by Nancy Noah, on the cover.  When I saw 10” squares in the materials list, I knew this is how I would use the layer cake.

When all the blocks were done, I arranged them, moving them around to find a pleasing arrangement.  Then I photographed the possible layout and converted the picture to black and white. The results were frightening!  I rearranged, photographed and rearranged, photographed and eventually walked away.

The blocks were still up when two quilting sisters stopped by.  After explaining the dilemma, they suggested a) removing the blocks framed in the black on black fabric and b) adding sashings.

Back to the drawing board.

My finished project will be three charity quilts for the NICU.  The backing fabric is a dark brown/black which meets requirements for the isolettes. Using the walking foot on my Janome 9400 QCP, I am quilting them myself.  Straight lines and a little serpentine stitching.”

Helga also sent a picture of her Layer Cake quilt. The layer cake is “Figures” from Zen Chic (Moda), and she added some striped fabric for the small accent squaraes. The pattern is from Cozy Quilt Design. Helga commented that this was a very easy design; the blocks are in a 4 x 5 grid; and she believes that a fabric with smaller print designs could have been a better choice.


Kudos to Stephanie and Helga!


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