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1 11 2017

November greetings to all my faithful blog readers! Besides gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I am looking forward to several quilt related happenings this month.

*I am making a quilt for publication by McCall’s Quick Quilts in late spring . . . but I can’t divulge the design yet.

*The Fourth Quarter Challenge – using Charm Packs of 5″ squares – is in full swing, and next week I will post some fantastic quilts made by blog readers. If you have a photo to share, email me:

*Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks from Today’s Top Designers, vol. 16 will soon hit the newsstands. My block, “Beacons in the Fog,” was selected for inclusion! I am excited, to say the least! I will participate in the blog tour November 16-20, and I anticipate over 100 comments from those seeking to win a free magazine. While it is always fun to hear from “new” quilters during the blog tour, I would like to reward one of my regular readers with a copy of the magazine. Statistically, your chances of winning are better with fewer commenting participants. So leave a comment below if you’d like to win a copy of the magazine. The drawing will be 10 November.




27 responses

1 11 2017
Pam Bonstead

“Beacons in the Fog” an intriguing name. Can’t wait to see that block, Aby.

1 11 2017

I love the 100 block magazines!

1 11 2017

Congratulations Aby on “Beacons in the fog” !
So excited to view your new block !

1 11 2017

Congratulations on more published patterns. I love to point them out to my friends and say, “I know her! She is my friend.” Thanks for all you’ve taught me about quilting.

1 11 2017
Jennifer Johnston

I’m anxious to see both of your new designs Aby! Congratulations!!!

1 11 2017
Darlene B

I love this magazine! Would love to win a copy for inspiration!

1 11 2017

Congratulations on being included in this magazine. It would be wonderful to have one for inspiration.

1 11 2017
Vanessa Glova

I cant wait to see what your next beautiful quilt pattern will be. Way to go Aby!

1 11 2017
Janeanne Weidl

I love following your blog, Abby and would love to win a copy of the magazine.
Thanks for the opportunity and look forward to the blog hop!

1 11 2017

congrats on the spring publication, Darla

Sent from my Galaxy Tab® A

1 11 2017
Jean T.

I’m a fairly new follower of your blog and interested in any new patterns.

1 11 2017
Janet T

Congratulations! I can’t wait to see your block. Love the 100 Blocks Magazine, and look forward to each new issue!

1 11 2017

It’s always great to see someone you follow get recognition! You deserve it! Congrats! It’s a fun issue of the magazine.

1 11 2017
Rochelle Summers

Whether I win or not, I always enjoy seeing your new creations. Thanks for keeping me inspired.

1 11 2017
Pat Garrity

It’s not often that you can say you know a published quilt designer. But I do! We met in Germany where you encouraged me in my quilting efforts. I’m now in Florida and still making quilts. It’s fun to read your blog.
Pat Garrity

1 11 2017
Kathie L

I’m always interested in seeing interesting block designs. thanks.

1 11 2017
Maridee Hargis

Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with – this block and the McCall’s Quick Quilts pattern.

1 11 2017

Congratulations Aby!!!! Another published block with a cool name! And another published pattern coming. So Happy for you.

1 11 2017

I have become a fan of the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks magazines. I would love to win a copy.

1 11 2017
Barbara Kaup

Would love to win the patterns!

1 11 2017

I’m looking forward to seeing “Beacons in the Fog”.Your blog is so much fun.

2 11 2017

Congrats on your winning block! Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks is one of my favorite magazines. Thanks for thinking of your regular readers with this additional giveaway.

2 11 2017
Shannon Brown

So excited for you Aby!! I look forward to seeing more great things happening with you! And I look forward to seeing your readers projects from the challenge!

2 11 2017
My Sewful Retirement

Congratulations Aby on your winning block! I can’t wait to see your secret project 😊

3 11 2017

Congratulations. Can’t wait to see your block in print. Thanks!

3 11 2017

Aby, I’m so happy for you! How exciting to see your creativity rewarded with success in a publication!! Keep up the good work!

3 11 2017
Barbara Young

Congratulations on getting your block in this magazine. I love this magazine and love the blog hop even more. Looking forward to seeing your new quilt block.

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