UFO House Quilt – Progress Report

One of the UFOs I really need to finish this quarter is made from houses I received in an exchange with quilters I met in Stuttgart, Germany. My German friends want to display all twelve quilts made by exchange participants in the Nuertingen show in March. In a previous post, I showed blocks on my design wall pinned alongside black and white prints I intended to frame them with.

Here’s the result of my framing session: (Astute viewers will notice that I changed some of the prints due to amount of fabric on hand.)

My thought was to cut my scrappy string pieced blocks in half and use them as sashing. But they were all too short for the framed houses, and the extreme scrappiness would draw attention away from the houses. In addition, the diagonal lines would not line up well vertically and horizontally.

My next thought was to sash the blocks with a variety of red tone-on-tone prints. But then I noticed that many of the house blocks contain orange. Hmmmmm. Would orange work as a sashing color? I would need about 2 yards. I do not own a 2 yd. piece of orange. Hmmmm.

How about strip piecing several oranges together of various shades and textures and widths? I could cross cut them in various lengths and sew them between the house blocks as horizontal sashing.

My goal was to create columns of the same height. I purposefully included trim-able portions at the top or bottom of the columns so I can square up the quilt after the top is complete. So far, so good!

I strip pieced more orange units and cut vertical sashing 2 1/2″ wide. I included some longer strips of orange fabric between my strip pieced units to speed along the process. I cut left and right borders 3 1/2″ wide. At this point, I don’t believe I’ll add borders to the top and bottom of the quilt.

I am enjoying working on this UFO project. You can tell that I’ve changed my design plan several times, but I think each change has been for the better. My encouragement to all of you who have accepted the UFO challenge:  don’t be afraid to experiment and change your original plan.

Thanks for your comments about the quilts you are committed to work on January-March. If you complete your goal(s), your name will “go in the hat” for a drawing for two small prizes! 

12 thoughts on “UFO House Quilt – Progress Report

  1. I always love the local block exchange. Fond memories of our many locations. My Farm Girl Vintage top is done and off to LAQ!

  2. Love all the house patterns ❤️ Let me know if they have patterns please ❤️Love all of your frames 💚💜❤️❤️💙love your quilt !!

      • Maybe…perhaps also audition a B&W gingham-type check? That might look interesting. That block on top of the second column has a lot of white in it (or at least it does in the photo). It could be that you’ll need a solid-ish black flange or piping between the quilt and the binding.

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