Star Wars Quilt Finished!

This past month’s WIP (Work in Progress) is finished. And I have one happy little grandson! Do you remember that I tried to talk him out of making a brown star? Come to find out, the closest star to our solar system is Proxima Centauri which has been described as “dim” or “brown.” Just goes to show ya that sometimes kids, who watch shows about fictional characters exploring space, learn a thing or two!

I quilted freehand stars and loops with medium gray thread all over the quilt, and I bound it with dark navy solid fabric. It is about 60″ square, so it’s a quilt Aidan can grow up with!

If you’d like to make a similar quilt, you will find measurements and instructions for the 24″  central Triple Star on the Patterns page of this blog. The gray sashing is 3″ wide and the Saw Tooth Stars are 12,” finished. The outer border of starship print is about 5″ wide.

Now back to my UFOs!

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