“Postage Stamp” for a Baby Girl

The Tarheel Quilters Guild, of which I am a member in good standing, is low in their stockpile of donation quilts for the neo-natal intensive care unit at our local hospital. The plea from our charity chairman at guild meeting motivated me to finish a “Postage Stamp” quilt from 2 1/2″ squares.

Back Story:  About this time last year, I purchased several packs of coordinating 2 1/2″ squares from Pineapple Fabrics at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. I began sewing a white square to each, using them as leaders/enders as I worked on other patchwork projects. Somewhere along the way, I cleaned off my sewing desk and shelved them as an unfinished project. While amassing projects to take to this year’s Mid-Atlantic retreat with friends, I found the baggie of squares and determined to complete the project.

The blocks are arranged in a 15 x 15 grid. If you’d like to make the project, you’ll need 113 colored 2 1/2″ squares and 112 white 2 1/2″ squares. I arranged my squares in diagonal rows of the same color, but you could try a random arrangement with equal appeal. I cut the outer border 3 1/2″ wide from a lavender tone-on-tone. For a quilting design, I took my cue from the hearts and swirls printed on the border fabric.

This sweet little quilt finishes at 36,” the perfect size for a NICU donation quilt. Love and prayers for the beautiful baby girl who will receive it.


5 thoughts on ““Postage Stamp” for a Baby Girl

  1. Could you take a picture of how you use the leader ender technique please? Just when I think I understand it, I read something else that makes me realize I don’t get it!!!!

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