National Quilting Day

As National Quilting Day (and St. Patrick’s Day) draws to a close, I wonder if you found some time to sew, quilt, or chat with friends who enjoy our hobby. I did! My guild, the Tarheel Quilters Guild, offered a free introductory quilting class at North Regional Library. The meeting room was buzzing with excitement as over 40 ladies tried their hand at patchwork throughout the day. I instructed three people, two of whom are pictured below.


Can you tell Ashley and Cheryl are proud of their creations?

7 thoughts on “National Quilting Day

  1. What a great project!!! I wonder, does this library have a “maker’s” area? One of our local libraries has sewing machines etc on hand for people to come in and use and “make” things. Also wondering if the library charged your guild a fee for using the space ??

    • To my knowledge our county libraries do not have a “maker” area. Sewing machines and other tools to use in house is a grand idea, but who would keep them in repair? Our library does not charge a fee for using their multi-purpose meeting room. In turn, we do not charge a fee for the programs our guild offers.

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