First Quarter UFO Challenge Conclusion

No foolin,’ it’s April, and the first quarter of 2018 is history. Were you able to complete, or at least work on, your UFOs? I feel successful, and I hope you do, too. I find that setting goals at the outset of a time period helps me maintain focus. This past quarter I finished two “serious” UFOs with deadlines as well as numerous other projects. But I think I must have quilter’s attention deficit disorder; I am sure I began just as many projects as I completed! Ah, well, we are now in the Second Quarter for which new goals and aspirations can be made. More about the Second Quarter Challenge in an upcoming blog post. For now, let’s see some fabulous First Quarter finishes.


Jane-Ellen and I reconnected at our 40th high school reunion last summer. It was fun to chat with a classmate who now has the same hobby/passion as I do! Her First Quarter Challenge was to finish a medallion sampler quilt. The story behind the quilt follows:

“I started this quilt almost 3 years ago after completing a beginner quilting class. This was an ambitious project to take on for a beginner, but I was too inexperienced to realize that. The quilt was a block of the month that a friend of mine had completed from a quilt shop that closed years ago. The pattern my friend lent me only contained about 10 12″ squares, the rest I found online and from a couple of block books. In trying to come up with additional 12″ blocks, I decided to duplicate the 4 corner star blocks of the medallion by doing the same in the border of the 12″ blocks (I duplicated the Ohio Star block in each corner).
I bought the fabric specifically for the center, the medallion and for the  dark green borders. The rest of the fabric was from my stash of fat quarters. I really learned a lot of different techniques creating the 12″ blocks. And I could see my progression as a quilter improve as I completed this quilt.
After completing and adding the border of 12″ squares (and knowing I was going to be keeping the quilt), I tried it on my bed. I realized I needed additional length to be able to tuck the quilt and fold up over the pillows. I decided to add a row of strips at the top and bottom (pictured as “sides” of the quilt in the photo above). Thru this process my husband has provided inspiration, valuable criticism and has pushed me to challenge myself. He told me strips would be boring… something with points, like triangles. So I did, and am really pleased with the way it turned out.”
Jane-Ellen’s quilt is simply awesome, wouldn’t you agree?!
Elaine is also pleased to have completed her First Quarter Challenge projects. The “Stitcher’s Garden” quilt top is complete and ready for quilting. And the paper-pieced Red Baron Snoopy block is completed as a gift for her daughter. Great job, Elaine!
If you completed your First Quarter UFO Challenge goal, this is the final call for a picture of your project so you can  be entered into the drawing for a small prize. Send your picture and accompanying “story” to The drawing will be on Wednesday, April 4.

3 thoughts on “First Quarter UFO Challenge Conclusion

  1. All three of the quilts are beautiful! The medallion quilt is awesome! I only finished one UFO during the first quarter. I did organize and record everything I need to finish my other UFO’s going forward I will be able to finish at least one per month!

  2. I love Jane Ellen’s quilt, beutifull, and especially so for a beginner, looks more like an accomplished quilter.

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