Second Quarter Challenge

Congratulations to all who made progress in whittling down their pile of UFOs. I, for one, did not finish all the projects lurking in the neglected corners of my sewing room, so I will be dusting off a few of them to complete during the second quarter of 2018 (April – June).

In addition to finishing “Confetti” and “Friendship Row by Row Sampler,” I feel the need to trim my scraps into readily useable strips and squares.  How about you? Would you like to join me in the challenge of taming the tangle of scraps?

A fantastic resource in planning your “cutting-up” sessions is Bonnie Hunter’s Scrap User’s System. Click here to link to her organizational rationale and storage description.

I typically cut squares in the following sizes:  6,” 5,” 4 1/2,” 4,” 3 1/2,” 3,” 2 1/2,” 2,” 1 3/4,” and 1 1/2.” I find the most uses for 5,” 4,” 2 1/2,” 2,” and 1 1/2,” so in future I probably should just trim my scraps to those sizes. I also cut 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ rectangles to use in making Flying Geese blocks, Chinese Coins quilts, and (my current leader/ender project) Roman Stripe blocks. In addition, I cut scrap strips of every width but most often use 2 1/2,” and 2.”

To encourage you to cut and use your scraps, during this quarter I’ll offer several patterns/quilt ideas that utilize squares and/or strips. These will be posted on Saturdays, and will be called “Saturday Scrap Strategies.”

It’s time to “ante up;” leave a comment below to say you’ll participate in the Second Quarter Challenge. Will you work on completing a UFO or in cutting up your scraps . . . or both? I’ll send a prize to the person with the most amusing comment.

8 thoughts on “Second Quarter Challenge

  1. I plan on getting a UFO done and on my bed! Of all the quilts I’ve made, there is not one on my bed. As soon as I get them done it seems like someone either really loves it or “but I don’t have one of your quilts” and out the door it runs!

  2. I accept the challenge. I have been cutting my scraps as they occur for years but sometimes those bins become unruly. Also, my DIL recently gave me a book box full of scraps that a co-worker gave her. The co-worker had organized her scraps by sizes so it was delightful to pour through the pieces knowing I didn’t have hours of cutting ahead of me. So I am looking for an ideas using 31/2″ strips. I have lots of ideas for the other sizes of strips and squares but those strips are keeping me awake at night. (ok maybe it’s too much coffee)
    And I’m still waiting for my one and only UFO to come back from the quilter. I did finish several quilts in the last 3 months but none of them were UFOs. I’m currently working on 8 bears for the Rare Science people and travel size pillowcases for the Ronald McDonald house. Both are using up bigger chunks of fabric that have been in the dark too long.

    • You are a busy bee, Maridee! Look on my Patterns page for the Steppin’ Up baby quilt. Would that work for your 3 1/2” strips? Another idea is Bonnie Hunter’s Scrappy Trips, biggie size.

  3. How about if I do both? Cut up my UFOs!! That gives me fewer UFOs and more scraps. No, seriously, I need to finish quilting pieced tops. I have a closet full.

  4. I’m in Aby, I will tackle both. I can be over ambitious, but since I am publicly committing, I have to follow through! So I will be making a scrap apron. I am a slob when I cook (or eat!). My husband is always on me to wear one. I only have one for baking and his grill apron. Sooooo this challenge works out great.

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