Second Quarter Challenge – Underway

12 04 2018

Like me, several of you have an idea of which UFOs you’d like to complete this quarter (April – June). Some of you are “rolling over” the UFOs you hoped to complete in the first quarter – that is a great idea, keep them at the top of your quilting “to do” list. Thinking and planning is the first step to doing.

Helga sent pictures of two baby quilts she’ll be working on. She has a long-time friend who recently announced the good news of the births of twin grandchildren in her family. Helga is all set to sew the quilt backings together, baste, quilt, bind, and label these two gift quilts.

The second part of the Challenge is to cut our scraps into useable sizes and store them so they can be quickly found and used in future quilts. Helga sent several pictures of her bulging scrap containers; I’ll share one with you. (Lots of wonderful reds in this plastic bin!) Helga plans to make a quilt from a book she recently bought, Nine Patch Revolution by Jennifer Dick and Angela Walters. Click here to view the book on

Comment, please:  If you haven’t already done so, state your UFO completion goal. I promise to cheer you on as you work to finish it. Also tell how you store your scraps, both before and after trimming them into strips and squares.





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