Mystery Quilt Workshop with LLQ

Last Tuesday daughter Trinity and I spent a delightful day with Logan Lap Quilters in Columbia, SC. Trinity was my sewing/pressing demonstrator while I handed out clues for the mystery quilt. Conversation flowed as the ladies sewed Half Square Triangles, Nine Patches, and Square in a Square units.

The instructions allow for individual interpretation as can be seen in the photos below.


Trinity, with great foresight, bought more than the required multi-colored print fabric. By playing with the units and adding sashing and borders, she expanded a baby quilt design into a lap quilt. She is rightfully proud of her quilt and plans to give it to a friend who needs a lot of comfort at this time.

I quilted the quilt with dark brown/red/blue variegated thread using “Lorien’s Splendor” pantograph designed by Hermione Agee. Click on the picture to zoom in to see the quilting design in the large tan areas. At my suggestion, Trinity used the wrong side of Tan fabric #2 because the wrong side displayed the same tone as Tan fabric #1. Why not? She paid as much for the wrong side of the fabric as she did for the right side!

Have you made a quilt without first seeing a picture of the final outcome, sewing clue-by-clue? Was it unnerving or did you eagerly embrace the adventure?

9 thoughts on “Mystery Quilt Workshop with LLQ

  1. I like mystery quilts! I think it’s fun to guess at what I think it will look like with all the pieces (most of the time I’m wrong, haha) . I love Trinity’s quilt!

  2. These all look amazing! I have done two mystery quilts with a friend. It was hard to pick out the fabrics. So on the second one I had my girls pick it out! They did a great job and I would have never put the fabrics together that they picked especially in the design it turned out to be, but in the end (or near it *blush*), I loved the way it turned (is turning) out.

  3. Trinity’s quilt – turned out pretty, the quilting is lovely, the use of the wrong side of fabric is ingenious and your comment about paying as much for it as right side tickled me. Trinity, your quilt will be a great comfort to your friend as she wraps up in it. It will be like a hug from you!

  4. I love Trinity’s quilt- I’m sure her friend will love it also! Christa Watson teaches using wrong side of fabric in quilts — it really is a great idea. I’m participating in my first mystery QAL – I can’t wait to see the final reveal!

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