Second Quarter Challenge – Blog Readers Report

How are you coming along with completing a UFO this quarter? How are you progressing with cutting up your scraps? It’s hard to believe it, but the Second Quarter of 2018 is two-thirds over! 

Kathy H. writes that she’s making a concentrated effort in cutting all the project leftovers into usable squares and strips. Kathy makes such bright, happy quilts, I can’t wait to see what scrappy project will incorporate many of her “shining jewels.”

Helga is serious about making a “Nine Patch” quilt from the new book “Nine Patch Revolution” by Jennifer Dick and Angela Walters. She has spent most of her time lately cutting 900 print rectangles and 900 solid rectangles, but she took a break to make a few sample blocks. Helga, your project is going to be colorfully awesome!


Maridee is happy that her “Farm Girl Vintage” quilt is back from the longarm quilter’s studio, and the binding is finally attached. Completing the top was Maridee’s First Quarter Challenge goal, and she’s happy the quilt is now totally complete, label and all.

Elaine F. chuckled as she told me that one way she’s using her scraps is teaching us in our weekly sewing group three ways to put in zippers (on fabric samples we can keep). She also gifted us with sizeable scraps to make “Humbug Bags.”


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