Saturday Scrap Strategy #10

Each Saturday in the second quarter of 2018 (April-June) I’m showing projects based on scraps in hopes of motivating you to cut and use your scrappy stash. Today I have a treat for you – more than one project – and they come with a back story.

Kay, a member of my church’s quilt group, served as power of attorney for an elderly woman, Evelyn Sexton, for nearly a decade. Evelyn, a native of Lillington, NC, devoted her life to looking after her farming family. At some point early in her life, an infectious fever devastated her family. Some family members died, and her father was left blind. Evelyn was the only one of her family not affected.

Kay described Evelyn’s home as simply furnished with the antiques she collected. And it was evident that quilt making was a joy and passion. When Evelyn passed away, Kay had a hand in distributing quilts to cousins and other family members. Kay, herself, took home a box of fabric.

Fast forward ten years. Kay was recently cleaning out a storage area when she came across the box from Evelyn’s estate. Opening it, she saw a layer of polyester fabric – not what Kay wants to sew with. On her way to the garbage can, she decided to look through the box. She found a “Log Cabin” quilt pieced and quilted by hand and also blocks to make another! Isn’t this scrap-alicious?

Kay also found a stack of totally scrappy “Eight Point Stars.” The Stars had been starched and stuck to blue and pink background squares. Kay gently “unglued” them and washed them by hand. She machine stitched them to yellow background squares with a tiny blanket stitch and plans to use a black floral print found in Evelyn’s box as sashing.


“Trip Around the World” is yet another scrappy project Kay found folded in the box along with several different patchwork squares, all pieced by hand.

These projects, made with “just scraps,” are now precious to Kay because of the friendship she shared with Evelyn. The quilts are a sweet and cheerful reminder of the times they spent together.

Just wondering . . . which of these projects appeals to you as a scrap stash buster? I personally favor those totally scrappy “Eight Point Stars.”

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