Copy Cat

At Sunday’s Tarheel Quilters Guild meeting, Pat P. showed her fish-themed baby quilt. And she did a bit of advertising for the Saturday Scrap Strategy blog posts.

Does this design look familiar? Pat patterned her cute quilt after the Kitty Cat quilt, our first Scrap Strategy idea. Click here to read about its construction. In the close-up photo you can admire the theme print and view Pat’s terrific swirly quilting.

Thanks, Pat, for copying the Kitty Cat quilt and for sharing photos with blog readers! The child who receives this quilt will love it!

How about you? Are you a “copy cat?” Have you made one of the suggested Scrap Strategy projects? If so, I’d like to share a picture with blog readers as an encouragement for using scraps. (aby dot quilts at gmail dot com) Did you know that you can scroll through all the Scrap Strategies by typing “scrap strategy” in the Search box and then “enter” on your keyboard? You’ll find lots of ideas to copy!

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